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Region 137 Playoff Guidelines

AYSO Region 137
Regional Playoffs Guidelines
November 2023

Welcome to the AYSO Region 137 Post Season Playoffs for 2023. During the playoffs all teams start with a clean slate. Regular season standings are used to determine each team’s seed position on who they will play. As regular season standings will not apply beyond the determination of seed positions, each team has an opportunity to use a full season of development to its advantage.

Good luck to all teams and coaches. Let’s make this year’s playoffs the best ever by adhering to all of the playoff guidelines that follow.

WHO PLAYS: All 10U, 12U, and 14U teams who participated in Region 137 regular season play and earned 20 Referee points in the regular season.

WHERE: Playoffs will be held at Region 137 fields (behind Valley Wide Regional Park). This is the same location as our regular season games.

WHEN: November 

FORMAT: Varies by division.

Playoff Rules

  1. All AYSO and Region 137 rules and guidelines will apply with the modifications listed in these guidelines.

  2. All fields will be regulation size and in safe playing condition.

  3. The start of games will be no later than fifteen (15) minutes of scheduled game time, or of field availability.

  4. In the event of inclement weather, teams are to report to the field. The playoff director or his/her designee will cancel games on an individual basis. Games may also be shortened at the discretion of the playoff director or his/her designee.

  5. Check in will be completed at the referee tent for all divisions. Arrive in person with your team (45) minutes prior to the first game. Game cards will be provided by the Region. Coaches will present their player medical release forms (with parent signatures) in order of their playoff roster, and explain any player absences to the designated check in person.

  6. Proper dress:

    a)  Each AYSO team player shall wear matching team uniforms consisting of jersey, shorts, and socks. Uniform will be properly marked with the AYSO logo on the front left of the jersey.

    b)  Goalkeeper jersey must be of a different color.

    c)  Shin guards must be worn completely under the issued uniform socks.

    d) Players will not be allowed to participate in any games with any type of cast or splint.

    e) Visible undergarments such as cycling shorts are authorized, providing they are of the same color as the uniform shorts and do not extend farther than the top of the knee.

    f) Earrings, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, or any other type of jewelry including metal or sharp hair accessories will NOT be allowed.

    g) In inclement weather, if a team wishes to wear additional clothing, the entire team must match. Example:  sweatshirts or turtlenecks must be the same color. Additional shirts, sweatshirts, or tops must be worn under the player jersey.

  7. Coaches will conduct themselves in a manner befitting a member of AYSO; and will encourage clean competition, good sportsmanship, and positive coaching at all times. Coaches are also responsible for their players’ parents and spectators. Coaching will be limited to ten (10) yards on either side of the mid-field line. Only one (1) coach and one (1) assistant coach per team will be permitted in this area.

  8. Coaching will be permitted from the team side of the field only.

  9. In case of conflicting colors, both teams will wear pinnies. (Pinnies will be available.)

  10. There will be no protests allowed!!!  Not written, not verbal, not of any kind!!!


All teams will need to provide referees for games other than their own.  Each team is required to fill in 3 referee spots (not their own game) for the duration of region playoffs.  If they do not meet this requirement, their game is subject to a forfeit and they will not be eligible to move on to Area playoffs in December.  


  1. Coaches will conduct themselves in accordance with AYSO and Region 137 rules.

  2. Coaches should provide positive, encouraging, and instructional comments to players.

  3. The terms of Kid Zone agreement will be in effect during the playoffs.

  4. Coaches failing to conduct themselves in a manner which complies with AYSO and Region 137 rules, or failing to conduct themselves as a proper role model to players will be cautioned and/or sent off.

  5. A coach that is sent off is suspended for the remainder of the playoffs.

  6. Coaches may be cautioned or sent off before, during, or after the game.

  7. If the coach is removed from the tournament the assistant coach will assume coaching responsibilities. In the event that both the coach and assistant coach are unable to continue in the playoffs, a parent may be designated to take over team responsibilities with the approval of the playoff director.

  8. It is recommended that coaches meet with players and parents to inform them of the playoffs guideline requirements for spectators and players.


  1. All players are expected to conduct themselves as a good sportsman, adhering to the laws of the game and the playoff guidelines.

  2. A player receiving a red card for violent conduct or abusive language shall be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs. A red card for violent conduct may be cause for suspension from AYSO for a period of one year or longer.

  3. A player receiving a red card will be suspended for the next scheduled game.

  4. A player receiving a second red card will be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs.


  1. All spectators are required to conduct themselves in accordance with the standards of the Kid Zone pledge and regional guidelines.

  2. No one is permitted to watch a game beyond the penalty box line.

  3. Coaching behind the goal is not permitted.

  4. All spectators are to be on one half of the field opposite of there sides AR and outside the coaches box.


All games will be full-length games in accordance with AYSO and region guidelines.


During medal rounds the games will be full length in accordance with AYSO guidelines.

Substitutions will be made as directed by the referee at the midpoint of each half.

A five-minute break will be given at halftime.


Games ending in a tie during regional playoffs in all rounds will go to Sunny Delight format. The Golden Goal rule will apply, in other words, the first goal scored wins the game.

Only those players who were on the field during the fourth (4th) quarter of game may play in the Sunny Delight Overtime. 


Games ending in a tie during medal rounds will go to Sunny Delight format. The Golden Goal rule will apply to these rounds, in other words, the first goal scored wins the game.

Only those players who were on the field during the fourth (4th) quarter of game may play in the Sunny Delight Overtime.

Common to all divisions:

  • Keeper position comes off the field for Sunny Delight overtime.
  • Offside rule is in effect only for the First (1st) period, after that there is no offside rule.
  • If the game continues to subsequent overtime rounds the following format for number of players on the field will apply:

For Under 14, play will be as follows:

First 5 minutes--10 v 10

Second 5 minutes--8 v 8

Third 5 minutes--4 v 4 (applies to subsequent overtime rounds after 3rd period until one team scores)

For Under 12, play will be as follows:

First 5 minutes--8 v 8

Second 5 minutes--6 v 6

Third 5 minutes--4 v 4 (applies to subsequent overtime rounds after 3rd period until one team scores)

For Under 10, play will be as follows:

First 5 minutes--6 v 6

Second 5 minutes--5 v 5

Third 5 minutes--4 v 4 (applies to subsequent overtime rounds after 3rd period until one team scores)

Check-In Requirements

Note: Remember check in time prior to first game is as follows: forty five (45) minutes at the referee tent.

Good Luck!!!!

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Nicole Thornton 

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